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The biotech industry has seen a surge in technological advancement and is still moving at a very fast pace. Genome science, stem cell research, and global gene expression technologies with the advancements in bioinformatics ushered in a new phase for the development of new drugs that broke barriers and limitations of R&D in the past. Tumor, aging, and rare diseases that were considered intractable diseases and the causes behind them were unknown, however, through these technologies, the causes of these are being found, and many effective platforms are arising with an aim to develop a cure at a molecular level.

In this tide of technological advancement in the biotech field, Osteoneurogen stands as a biotech company well equipped with a global level of research caliber aiming to develop a cure for fibrosis, a disease of which there is no treatment. Fibrosis is a disease with an unknown cause where it severely hardens organs or tissues to the point where it loses its function; Further, fibrosis that occurs in vital organs such as the liver and lungs will be a threat to one’s life. Presently, because there are no known causes for this disease, stopping the progression of the disease is hard, and there is no method that reverts the already progressed fibrosis thereby making this disease incurable.

Osteoneurogen, after several years of research, we have successfully discovered a critical gene expression signature that plays a significant role in tissue fibrosis, EMT(Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition), and stem cell differentiation. With this research achievement as its foundation, we have established a deeper understanding of the mechanism of fibrosis and with unstemmed efforts to develop a treatment, aim to create a cure with our newly attained a novel fibrosis pipeline.

Just as our slogan "Galvanizing Cell Vibrancy" we envision to overcome on fundamental level fibrosis by developing a cure that fully recovers a cell to its original form and function. To make this happen, we have experts from academia and industry who are unsparingly giving their all into R&D to make this happen. As Osteoneurgen strives to be in the focal plane of the global market representing Korea, we ask for your unended support and interest so that we can grow into a biotech company that stands side to side with biotech giants such as Europe and the United States.

Thank you.